Flower farm shop has historical roots that have led us to our present day mission and the beautiful flowers you’ll receive each time you shop!

We have a deeply rooted history that dates back 10 generations to the 1700’s in Holland! Yes that’s right, we’ve been doing this flower growing gig a long time. In 1967 we immigrated to the beautiful Santa Barbara Coast of California and we’ve been growing, designing and packing up beautiful flowers ever since!


Natural Sunlight & Ocean Breezes
Central Coast of California is where our blooms thrive in the temperate sunlight and the gentle ocean breeze.

 about-earth2.png Responsibility
We are proud to grow in the US employing sustainable techniques. Our commitment to the Earth and clean farming for future generations is an integral piece to planning our flower production.
 about-box.png Delivery
We offer local delivery Monday- Saturday & nationwide delivery Tuesday-Saturday. Whether near or far your flowers are picked with care, designed with flair and delivered for you!
 about-smile.png Smile Guarantee
We do our absolute best to be sure your blooms arrive on time and in spectacular condition. From time to time there are issues that our out of our control and for those moments we have a knowledgeable and helpful customer service staff ready to help with any questions to come up with the best solution. In the end we want your experience with Flower Farm to leave you with a big smile!
 about-flower2.png Blooming Beauty
At the heart of it we’re made up of a passionate bunch of flower growers, talented designers, caring customer service and a whole of lot of blooming beauty!